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Cash MAX

Our Story

As a professional accountant and management consultant, as well as a business owner myself, I know just how valuable and essential this information is to making good decisions and implementing the right strategies when they are needed. In fact every business should have this kind of information, and should be watching it constantly.

My frustration has been that we simply can’t provide it cost effectively to every individual client. For me to sit down with you individually is very likely going to be an investment of thousands of dollars. But I passionately believe that this is a valuable and worthwhile process no matter where you are in the business cycle.

So I decided to take all my knowledge and built CashMAX Forecaster™. Based on my years of experience working with clients in all industries and working towards their specific goals, I took that accumulated knowledge, I pulled together all the models, MicroSoft Excel spreadsheets and databases we spent months and years creating for all those clients, and I poured it all into developing CashMAX Forecaster™.

CashMAX™ is the outcome of many years of work. It’s powerful and behind the scenes it is working with some very complex algorithms that take a deep knowledge of finance and business systems and processes to work. But you don’t need to know all that to make it work for you.

I have made CashMAX Forecaster™100% flexible and easy to use.