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Cash MAX

Our Team

David HendersonDavid Henderson

Managing Director and Creator

David is a business leader and entrepreneur, CEO Asia Pacific of international accounting and consulting firm ROCG, and Director of public company Vesture. David is a regular guest on television and radio shows and writes articles for leading commercial banks. With over 15 years management experience with large companies, David was inspired to design and develop a new range of business software tools. David’s vision is ambitious. The tools must improve strategic decision-making by offering executive level business managers a well-balanced understanding of realistic figures in real time. More than that, the tools must offer cost savings by radically reducing the time, specialist training and effort required to produce reports.

Daniel EmsermannDaniel Emsermann

Marketing & Sales Strategist

Daniel is a connector of customers and technology. Drawing on his experience in marketing and sales, Daniel works with the developers to make sure our tools benefit all types of businesses. He is responsible for the fundamental quantitative and qualitative research that keeps the tools user friendly. Daniel is constantly on the look out for improvements to our software products that will add value for customers seeking effective solutions that drive business performance.

 Dion McCormick

Software Operations

With 15+ years significant experience in business software development combined with technical business consulting, Dion is a technology veteran. Dion’s mission is to collaborate with businesses to create cutting edge web and mobile solutions that run smoothly and securely, and make good commercial sense for your business.

Catherine Rogers

Web and Online Communications

Catherine is a multi-disciplined professional who combines website development and management experience with skills, qualifications and a personal passion for media and writing. She provides the web management and media communications to deliver a visually engaging, dynamic and rewarding online engagement for customers and site visitors.