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Cash MAX

Inside CashMAX

CashMAX™ Forecaster is a simple-to-use, easy-to-set up business forecasting and analysis tool suitable for small and large businesses.

CashMAX Forecaster™ helps you:

    1. make more money
    2. achieve long term lasting financial freedom
    3. have more time to do what you want in the business, or outside the business
    4. unlock the cash hidden in your business
    5. uncover the golden opportunities hidden within your business
    6. identify and predict the impact of issues,so that you can prepare for them in advance – not deal with them in crisis management mode
    7. pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your energies so that you don’t waste precious time on small issues that don’t matter.


Small businesses cannot afford costly mistakes from critical business decisions based on inadequate or poor information.
At the same time they don’t have the time or the budget for traditional forecasting methods.

CashMAX™ is the perfect answer for a small business. An affordable tool that supports business decision-making based on reliable, comprehensive information.


Larger businesses with complex organisational structures love the powerful way CashMAX™ gives them access to real time information across the whole business.

‘C’ level managers can plan and make informed decisions on strategy, based on real time reports from operating divisions across the whole business. No more waiting long periods while the Accounts department pulls together the relevant details.

Mid level managers can use the tool to actively manage budgets and set KPIs which drive business performance in their division.

CashMAX™ delivers rapid access to detailed accurate information across the company and its divisions. Senior and mid-level managers can implement better business strategies based on informed decisions.

“CashMAX™ gives you a far more comprehensive view of your business and its drivers. You have better information for basing your business decisions on. And your management team will feel more involved and have more clarity about their roles and responsibilities in the business.”
~ David Henderson, CEO CashMAX, CEO ROCG Asia Pacific, Director Vesture Ltd