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Cash MAX

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Accounting Firms and Bookkeepers

The one way to really assist your clients is to help them with their future.

      • Offer your consulting services to assist  your clients in the process of implementing CashMAX Forecaster™ in their business processes.
      • Or use CashMAX  Forecaster™ yourself in preparing reports and information for your clients to add value for your service offering and improve your relationship with them.

Leverage your time efficiently and effectively by using CashMAX Forecaster™ to provide your business clients with information that can really help them with their business future.


Franchisors or Business Groups

Add incredible power to your franchise offering.

        • Use it to introduce and educate potential franchisees into your system.
        • CashMAX can be used as the tool for creating the templates for your business systems.
        • Gather and benchmark information on your franchisees (with their permission).
        • Map out additional education requirements, and identify marketing, tools and resource needs all based on solid information about what is happening within those organisations you support.

Allow CashMAX Forecaster™ to help you truly leverage the power of your franchise for a minimum monthly outlay.