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Cash MAX


Protect your sensitive data

CashMAX Forecaster security is designed to handle and protect sensitive business information even if it is accessed through a wide variety of devices such as desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones. There are tools that can be easily applied to protect sensitive information held on the cloud as well as cross platform application development.

Built in security framework

The security system allows you to track users, groups, and pages to make sure only authorised users with the correct permissions are able to view and modify  data. This applies to every page and file request.

Data encryption with HMAC and SSL support

For web and mobile applications security, verification of safety is monitored via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support and HMAC (Hash-based message authentication code) support for web services. This handy feature simplifies verification of file uploads and downloads, digitally signing and encrypting email and  signing e-commerce documents.

The system integration with the .NET framework permits sets of encryption functions, making it effortless to implement an HMAC while the SSL support maintains your usernames, passwords and all other communications are protected.