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If you lose your password you can use the 'Forgotten your details?' link on the home page.  Follow the instructions to get your password re-sent.
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Can I choose to whether to pay monthly or pay a full annual licence fee up front? Yes, you can.
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Contact us to upgrade your subscription.  Our support team will be happy to assist you.
What training support is available?
This brings to mind one of the many tensions in the complaints-handling world. The more experienced we get at unravelling complex problems, the better able we are to spot patterns and get to the nub of things. Professional instinct can be so well honed that we know exactly what we’re looking for – easily seeing the wood for the trees. Which on the one hand is great – in terms of making quick and efficient decisions. But on the other, the same professional instinct could lead us into the trap of making assumptions – which can result in short-sighted or superficial conclusions.