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Nathan Stewart


Truly the world’s easiest accounting system

Nathan Stewart is founder and CEO of Alkemi – one of Australia's largest specialist internet marketing agencies.

Nathan thought accounting was just plain hard or you had to have a natural inclination towards it. He says Xero has achieved the mammoth task of making accounting simple.

“The essence of a great accounting system is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. Xero have achieved this!”

A real difference between Alkemi using Xero and what they used to be on, Quickbooks Premier plus Payroll, is that Xero has the features and functionality that Nathan actually needs to run his business.

“There were many features [in Quickbooks] that we didn’t need or use, they simply cluttered the important elements of the software. Our ongoing support and upgrade contract was fairly expensive and often the upgrades caused more problems than they were worth and first level support staff were not very helpful.”

Most importantly, Nathan felt the confines of using a desktop-based system for two important reasons: Alkemi staff were restricted by not being able to work remotely and; his shareholders didn’t all have easy access to their financial investment.

“Because the application wasn’t online, shareholders in New York didn’t have direct access to reports. We were not easily able to make strong decisions based on simple, clear financial reports.”

Alkemi’s management and shareholders now reportedly, logon more frequently to access the information they need. And they love it.

Nathan says that Xero is, “truly the ‘world’s easiest accounting system’” and as a result Alkemi can operate more productively with easy access to key financial data.